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The life of a photographer is intriguing, adventurous, and challenging at times.. I love the challenge of every new job because it gives me a brand new opportunity to be as creative as I can be.  And so, for my clients, having me as their photographer is knowing that their portraits are not only unique and different but fun and exciting as well.


My name is Maria Baiz and my passion and mission in life is to create memories from life-long realities.  I like to use photography as a form of art that is different, beautiful, and uses ordinary settings as “the setting”.  I am an on-location photographer who uses natural light to ensure real moments are captured with perfection.  My style is very modern and most of my career has been in portraits and wedding photography and other special occasions, where I love using bright colors and natural expressions to make sure those memories last forever. 


What do I cherish the most from my career?  Capturing the greatest moments from couples, children, families, and of course, newborns!  My attention to detail is flawless and you can predict those very special moments in my photography—from the fresh look of a happy bride, to the complicity and naughtiness seen in newlyweds when they embrace and cherish each other, to families’ emotions during their son’s or daughter’s Bar-Bat Mitzvah or First Communion.  The simple sentiment of a woman expecting her child and then watching that child born and taking his or her first steps is a priceless memory.  All of these very special moments being captured through a simple lens are refreshing and it provides you (and also me!) with a sense of remembrance that is never liberated.  My mementos with each and every family are very different but these also become my ultimate reward.  I build relationships with clients that last forever simply because I started with a simple picture and as the family grew, I grew with them.  Years later, the mother is taking pictures of her son who graduated from college and a few years later I am invited again to capture the smiles and giggles of the mother’s very first grandson.  The intimacy a photographer has with his/her clients is unprecedented and for me, having that type of relationship creates the magic of unforgettable picture-taking. 


And so, this is who I am, and my commitment as a photographer is to make sure your memories are captured vividly and that I deliver a product that is to the highest of your satisfaction, whether it is a picture or photo book; story telling prints; big wall enlargements or canvas prints; holiday and thank you cards; photo albums, or any other idea that comes to mind. 


I look forward to becoming part of your next big project—your life in pictures!